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What are you willing to let go of in order to have and experience what you deeply desire?

What are you willing to let go of in order to have and experience what you deeply desire, in order to have and experience that which really feeds and nourishes your soul and is a true expression of your soul and heart longing? Are you using your time doing stuff that is in alignment with what you truly value?

 The stories in our head that keep us in suffering and stop the flow of peace and joy

What story are you carrying around with you that is keeping you from being present to what is happening in your life, and that prevents you from opening to the joy and beauty and bliss of this moment? Are you feeling stuck and burdened and not really wanting to be where you are? Do you wish you were somewhere else doing something else?

 The dance of relationship

What is the dance like in your relationship with your beloved? Are you too enmeshed in each other’s worlds, or does it feel like there is an ocean between you and you are disconnected? How do you stay true to yourself and in tune with your own rhythm, flow and dance AND also remain authentic and in integrity in this dance with your beloved?

 Sometime, all you need to do is just take the next step

When things are really difficult in your life and you are feeling trapped or overwhelmed, afraid and stuck, and you can’t see what the next step is that you need to take or where the path is, what do you do?

 How to turn power struggles in a relationship into a win-win for you both

 In a relationship, what do you do when your needs differ from your partner and neither of you are willing to compromise on your position? You find yourself in a power struggle with your partner and you both feel frustrated, misunderstood and dissatisfied.

 Going with the Flow as you step into the Unknown

When you step into the unknown and leave behind what is familiar and safe, a deeper surrender to each moment is very helpful. Experience living in the paradigm  of trust in Existence knowing that you are deeply loved and that the flow of life is happening already, so allow it to happen and stay present, open, spacious and ready to take action when prompted to do so.

The mirror of relationship – how all relationships can help you know yourself more deeply

 We all have blind spots – aspects of our personality that we are not aware of, and that often cause us (and others) much suffering. When we react strongly to situations or people and our buttons get pushed, we have a wonderful opportunity of seeing an aspect of ourselves that perhaps, we were not aware of before. This is the gift of the mirror that others are to us, so that we can see ourselves more clearly. But it does require us to put our ego to one side and really look at what is being mirrored, feel the discomfort that gets triggered and, with compassion and kindness, love this aspect of ourselves and let go of this pattern of behaviour that may no longer serve us.

Magic happens when you allow, let go, surrender and trust the flow of life

What would happen to you and your life is you let go a little more?  Would things fall apart, or would you discover a new way of being in the world, where it is less about striving and missioning and doing, and more about being and allowing and going with the flow?

What do you use or do to avoid feeling uncomfortable feelings?

What do you do when things go wrong in your life, or they don’t turn out the way you expected or wanted them to?  What happens to you when life throws you a curved ball or when you are faced with a challenging situation that does not fit into your plans? WHAT happens to you is not as important as HOW you deal with what happens to you and how much presence you bring to the situation you are faced with.

Do you sometimes you feel sad, or lonely, angry or frustrated? Maybe at times, you feel bored or irritated, restless or stuck. These are uncomfortable feelings that we don’t want to feel and so we find all sorts of ways to avoid feeling them. What do YOU do to not feel these feelings? What is your drug of choice that you medicate yourself with to numb out rather than feel?

Just take the next step

If you find yourself feeling stuck and you don’t know what to do – sometimes doing nothing is the best thing. Just being with what is and accepting it as it is… and sometimes, it is good to just take the next step – one step – do one thing and be amazed at how Life rises to meet you.

Healing childhood wounds

Do you sometimes find yourself reacting to a person or situation or event in a way that is extremely emotional, irrational, out of character and causes a lot of drama and suffering? Or perhaps you are stuck in a habitual self-destructive behaviour or pattern that no amount of will power or positive thinking is able to shift you out of?
Do you find yourself triggered by certain kinds of people or situations, and before you know it, you have reacted by saying or doing something that often makes the situation worse?
How do you transform these patterns so that you can experience more inner peace and harmony and respond calmly instead of reacting emotionally?

Your body often speaks to you through pain, illness and discomfort –
are you listening to it?

Do you experience any pain or discomfort in your body?  Do you suffer from a chronic condition that persists no matter what you try and do to heal it? Is there some form of dis-ease in your body that you don’t know how it fix?  Your body is wise and intelligent and its natural state of being is healthy, energized and at ease. Imagine if you could tune into your body and ask find out what is really going on?

Feel like doing something different?

Perhaps you are stuck in a rut and feeling a bit bored with your life… same old… same old. Maybe you have thought of travelling, but your budget is a bit stretched… or maybe you are looking for a new adventure, and you are just not sure what or where. Well… maybe this video will spark something inside of you!

Saying Goodbye to China

As my time in China comes to an end, I reflect on this dance of life between form and the formless, and between time and the timeless…

Everything changes

Nothing ever stays the same… things are always changing  -whether it be your life situation, wonderful moments you experience, challenging times you are going through,your vibrant health, the illness you are dealing with, your body, the weather, friendships… the nature of life is change.

How can you embrace change with more ease and less suffering?  

Watch this vlog here:

Listen to the warning signs that life sends you

We all face challenges and unexpected life situations, curved balls come our way, things go wrong, difficulties arise suddenly… that is life happening, and it’s not personal. It happens to everyone. However, there are often warning signs, messages and signals that come our way before the event happens that, if we were to take note of, could REALLY help us down the line.