“I loved being coached by you every single time.
You hold such a safe space for me while you also support me in exploring my wisdom and my deeper insights. Your creative way of coaching has guided me in finding my best solutions. As a result of being coached by you, I have gained more confidence in myself as a woman and as a person. I have also gained clarity and deeper insights around my future work as a coach and around exact steps that I need to take. You have helped me untie some of emotional knots that were standing in my way in becoming who I am born to be. “

– Iman Ranieri

“My sessions with Giulia were very comfortable. I felt at ease and I was guided in a gentle and safe way. I was able to express my needs openly and I found that the sessions brought many matters to my attention that I had overlooked and had not thought of. It was as if my life came together. The sessions really assisted me in so many ways, regarding specific matters that I needed help with,  but also with my self -esteem, motivation and general wellbeing. My life became clearer as I developed skills to deal with issues. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have been led through what I felt were some difficulties in my life.”

 – Dr Rene Jeannes – (Homeopath)

“Giulia’s main gift is the depth of presence she brings to the sessions.  This created a spaciousness which enabled me to access denied and disowned parts of myself.  It also helped release the stuck emotions, and opened my heart.   From this place of openess I could clearly see and feel what my real needs were, and ways of meeting these needs. Giulia’s coaching sessions were a catalyst, enabling me to experience more of my true nature, reflecting how the Divine was with me in every moment giving me the support and nourishment I needed. Feeling the nourishment and support empowered my Inner Warrior to begin setting boundaries and creating more quality time in my personal life.  I began breaking out of my old comfort zone, challenging myself to meet new people. I joined two dance classes, the hiking club and am generally having more fun in life! By setting clearer boundaries at work, I noticed I was much less drained and also much more fulfilled.  I developed a level of mastery, confidence and maturity which brought a sense of flow and ease.  My business began expanding into new, unexpected areas, offering me greater scope to express my creativity and attract abundance. Giulia’s coaching helped me both deepen my roots and spread my wings, and I can truly say it was a life changing experience.  I recommend Giulia to anyone wishing to transcend their limitations and unlock their potential. “

– Tessa O’Grady
 (Enerjoy Care Services Owner & Founder)

“Giulia held a space for me so that I could explore myself. I was moved by her manner of absolute allowing – there was no judgement; no trying to fix. I felt free to speak my truth, and to voice anything that wasn’t working for me. She helped me reconnect with my own divine intelligence. It wasn’t a guru/disciple relationship. I walked away as a guru with a renewed sense of my own divinity.”

 – Rendon

“Giulia has restored a massive sense of confidence and connection with my purpose of being on the planet at this time. Through her work in working with polar emotions and feelings I was able to reconnect to myself and understand how crucial our soft loving beings are to our growth in consciousness and connection to those around us. I found the support I needed at such an important time in my life as I started my new blossoming business. I have learned the ebb and flow of life and how to surrender to life on this planet and surge when it is necessary. This has been fundamental to my growth in finding powerful strength through the challenges we face just to be ourselves more. I have learnt to be myself more with Giulia’s help and that gift is priceless. Working with her, helped me shed my predisposition to experiences and conditional thinking of my past with ease and grace. I felt so much love and support in our sessions that I was able to effortlessly access parts of myself that seemed so distant like an old friend stuck in another country. I learnt what I am and what I have come here to do. I found answers. I found purpose. If anyone is seeking to alleviate themselves from past conditioning and patterns of old then Giulia is the one to help you teach yourself your best self and what you need to discover in your short time on this planet. Thank you always.”


“I really learnt a lot from our sessions and I feel they had a lot to do with my spiritual growth and my awakening. I always felt comfortable and at ease and never felt judged by you or never felt as if I needed to say the right thing, I felt that I could be my true self in our sessions and felt comfortable to share information that I wouldn’t usually share with someone.

I really enjoyed starting each session with breathing and going into a quite space, this helped to bring me into alignment and to forget about what my daily activities for the duration of the session. It definitely helped to clear my mind and made me feel at ease and ready to open up.

What I value most from our sessions is the work we did with the inner child, not only did I have no idea as to how important work on the inner child was I actually had no idea that it even existed. So this really opened me to a whole new understanding and I truly believe that started my healing journey. I know understand how beneficial it is to acknowledge the inner child and to use my childhood as a tool to heal and grow in my adulthood. I also try to understand my parents, friends and other family members based on their childhoods as I realise the crucial role these play in one’s adult life. So thank you again for teaching me about the inner child, it is honestly one of my biggest blessings in life.

Overall, I really benefited from our coaching sessions and always left feeling calm and at ease no matter what was discussed as you always made it known to me that I had been heard and that there was a way forward and I felt comforted by your calming words, explanations, and solutions.

So thank you so much Giuls. I really can’t thank you enough.”


“Thank you so much for coaching me through a very difficult and stressful event in my life. Your holistic approach – body, breath and heart – was so refreshing and empowering. The felt or embodied experiences/realisations/emotions from our sessions stayed with me long afterwards allowing real change and growth to occur. I have never felt more trusting of myself and my knowing/intuition. You have a genuine gift for guiding the way. You have left me with simple but profound tools for grounding myself, for connecting with my inner knowing, for remembering and for finding the answers from within my own heart. You gave so generously of your wisdom and knowledge and time. I knew that you were with me and in support of me – fully present and in complete non-judgement. You are a diamond, Dear Giuila, and I am so utterly blessed to know you.”

– Candi G

I found Giulia in a moment of need and through what I would like to think was divine timing, I was full of fear and anxiety in our first session. From the moment we met Giulia just holds the most loving space for you and gently guides you in connecting you back to yourself, helping you to access your own inner voice and wisdom and to guide you back to yourself and to find insights, and jewels of wisdom on the way. I always felt incredibly safe, held and heard in our sessions which allowed me to be completely vulnerable to show up and really work on myself. Not only would I say the sessions were invaluable for me, but Giulia’s insights, wisdom and support through this period of my life really helped me to own myself and move forward in my life. Not only would I (and I do fully intend to) work with Giulia again, but I couldn’t recommend her enough to really help you on this journey of life.

– Candi WS

“As someone who was initially hesitant about coaching, Giulia instantly made me feel comfortable and at ease. From my very first session with her, it was evident that Giulia was very caring and compassionate. Her guidance was kind, but also honest and practical. Her style of coaching is intuitive and authentic. I felt her genuine support throughout our journey together as she checked in with me regularly in between sessions. Her positive encouragement and uplifting input were so inspiring and hugely beneficial at this difficult time.

Giulia motivated me to initiate a progressive growth practice moving forward. I will always be grateful for Giulia’s sincere care and would not hesitate to contact her for any future coaching.”

– Jill

“Giulia Criscuolo’s coaching style is a super blend of staying open, curious and present as well as always challenging me as her client to go deeper, to connect to my breath, and to drop into my body. In this approach I have felt both safe and challenged to drop deeper, engaging with an embodied sense of listening to what lies beneath the “story,” the words, the cognitive “figuring it out.”

Our sessions have been a truly wonderful experience and chance for me to process, grow and develop my sense of self- worth, self -compassion as well as working with the inner critic. Giulia’s approach integrates all aspects of a clients life, including work, relationships and personal goals with realizing the dynamic exchange between these “external realities” and the rich internal life. Giulia helped me realize the importance of understanding these dynamics better, focusing also on the “rooms” of the psyche that are steeped in shadow, yet hold too our greatest creative potential. She encourages one not to be afraid of these rooms but to be inquisitive and probing.

Giulia helped me each session to recognize patterns, delve into situations of projection and encouraged me all the while to respect myself, and to be gentle and forgiving. When I needed to explore something, Giulia would facilitate and safe and judgmental free space which allowed me the freedom to delve into difficult and painful feelings.

Giulia has an acute intuition and insight. She blends both practical and spiritual approaches which lends itself to coping with the different levels of realities we all constantly inhabit.

I really feel blessed to have been on this coaching journey Giulia. She has provided me with images and tools to be able to begin to better understand, not only myself but hopefully others as well. One of the things that has stayed with me from our sessions is to approach the world with open palms, rather than clutching to external things as life rafts. This is a brave way to live and although I am still very much learning, I aim to continue to practice this going forward.”

– Mia

“Just to tell you that I think you are SO good at what you do. Bringing people home to themselves needs real presence and wisdom and you deliver this deeply. Thank you!”

– Tara