Are you keen to come and see me, but:

  • You don’t really have time for this now in your life – this is important but not urgent
  • You’re not sure you have the money for coaching sessions – you have many other pressing expenses in your life – isn’t coaching more of a luxury than a necessity?
  • You are afraid –  afraid of change, of letting go, of living the life you really desire, of getting what you really deeply want… maybe you are afraid of the freedom, peace and happiness that you are so desperately seeking?

Well, let me ease your mind and tell you that YOUR FIRST SESSION WITH ME IS A GIFT FROM ME TO YOU!

What have you got to lose by taking ONE HOUR out of your life and coming to have a chat with me… nothing!  You can ONLY benefit from it. There are no risks, nothing to lose… only something to gain… and this I can promise you: you will gain something from spending time with me… you will not leave the same person as when you arrived.

Contact me to set up an appointment.

 Being coached by me – you will:

  • Experience more peace and harmony in your relationships
  • Have a better relationship with food and your body
  • Live a life where you are being who you truly are and doing what you love
  • Feel safe to be who you are , just as you are
  • Feel empowered, clear, and have a sense of meaning, purpose and direction in your life.
  • Become clear about what you really deeply desire at the core of your being
  • Be deeply met exactly where you are, as you are, with no judgment or expectations or conditions, and with total acceptance and love
  • Feel deeply seen, heard, valued and understood and know that who you are is enough
  • Be held in a space of deep presence and love
  • Have space and time to hear and listen to that still voice inside of you that has been calling to you for a long time
  • Find clarity, insight, understanding and perspective
  • Have a clear sense of where you are going and how you are going to get there
  • Be supported and encouraged every step of the way
  • Be challenged, stretched and feel uncomfortable at times
  • Feel empowered to access your own inner wisdom, to find your own answers, knowledge, information, insights, clarity, understanding and inner guidance
  • Expand and deepen into more of who you truly are at the deepest level of your being, at the heart and essence of your being

Wherever you find yourself on your life journey right now, I will meet you there. I will listen deeply to you and together we will journey towards what your heart and soul and body are calling you to.