Struggling with relationships?


  • Are you feeling stuck and frustrated, in your relationship with your partner, family, work colleague, or with yourself?
  • Do you find yourself going around in circles, where the same issues keep coming up, but never get resolved?
  • Are you struggling to feel heard, seen, valued and understood in your relationship?
  • Are you on the verge of a break up and don’t know what to do and who to turn to?

What you will get and experience from our coaching session:

  • Healthy relationships where you are able to communicate easily and effortlessly, and feel heard and understood
  • More joy, connection, intimacy, depth and satisfaction in your relationships
  • Awaken to more of yourself through a deep understanding of the mirror that relationship is
  • More peace, harmony, joy and understanding in your relationships
  • Greater awareness of your own triggers and how to deal with them
  • More awareness of behaviour patterns, beliefs and childhood wounding that keeps you trapped in certain kinds of relationships. Learn how to transform these patterns
  • A deeper understanding of how all relationships reflect aspects of yourself and are opportunities for discovering more of who you really are
  • Recognize when your buttons are being pushed and realize that an opportunity has presented itself for you to know yourself at a deeper level
  • Integrate the polarities that exist in your being and psyche and that land up being played out in relationship
  • Learn effective communication tools so that you feel deeply met, seen, heard, understood and able to communicate your needs and requests effectively
  • Understand that the place to always begin and come back to, is yourself. By committing , as an act of ultimate self- love, to doing the inner work, you will find your outer world begins to change without you trying to do anything to it.
  • When you take responsibility for your own emotional life and your triggers and buttons, you will feel empowered, free, clear and trusting of life to bring you exactly what you need for your growth,awakening, unfolding and becoming.

Giulia’s Story…

“I have been in a committed relationship with my partner Gav for the past four years – we got married in December 2016. In our first two years together, we broke up about four times. Those were really crazy days, with so much emotional upheaval and confusion. By applying what I have learned so far about what makes relationships work, and using the communication skills I have cultivated over the years, we have come to a place in our togetherness of deep commitment, love, presence, understanding, maturity and playfulness. We now communicate effectively and both of us feel heard, seen, valued and understood. I have come to realize and understand that relationship is an amazing and powerful vehicle for awakening, transformation and opening deeply to love and knowing that we are this love. “
– Giulia –