Why Spiral Connect


This journey of life is a continuous dance……

 a dance between breathing in and breathing out,

between being breathed in and out,

between surrender and taking control,

between being and doing,

between forgetting and remembering,

between waking up and going back to sleep,

between movement and stillness,

between living who I truly am and dying to who I am not,

between moving into stillness and moving out from that place back into the world, taking the gifts I have gathered with me.

This journey of life is a dance between saying hello and saying good bye, between good feelings and bad feelings,

between eating and fasting,

between saying YES and saying NO.

It is a continuous dance of leaving home and coming back home.

And now, I am becoming home.

As we move and SPIRAL from the outer world, which is often busy, noisy, cluttered and chaotic, and move back to our centre, our inner home, that place of stillness and being and presence, we CONNECT with the place of being and presence, with that essence of who we really are.  On that spiralling journey from the outer to the inner worlds, we often move through many landscapes of intense emotions, thoughts, sensations and feelings, but if we keep breathing and staying connected to that breath, we reach the centre of our being. From this inner sanctuary, we connect to heaven and earth, tune into our deep inner wisdom, we connect with Source/ God/ the Divine, Great Spirit/ Oneness. In this place of stillness, we can listen and ask useful questions and give space for clarity, insight wisdom, truth and understanding to arise, or… we can simply just BE, rest, relax and breathe.

And once we have received what we need (which is not always what we want), we can take this information, guidance, inspiration and truth back with us as we spiral outwards and make that journey back into the outer world. We take inspired actions and live our purpose as an authentic expression of our Being nature, as an authentic expression of who we really are.

And this is a continuous journey of spiralling in, connecting and spiralling out…

This is alive in each and every one of us and my mission is to help you make that journey home to your own inner sanctuary, where you can remember, wake up and re-connect with all of that has been lost and forgotten and locked away and love those parts back to yourself, back to wholeness.

And then to support you in taking what you learn and discover back into the world and live your best life possible.

All is already given. All is already there. There is nothing to get or improve on. There is only to remember and, as Rumi says, to wake up to all that is not love and welcome that home.